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Ukuleles For The Middle School!

At last night's Board of Education meeting, the BMA presented a $1,703.45 check for the District's music program, which will fund the purchase of a full classroom set of 31 ukuleles for the Middle School. In his remarks accepting the donation, Music Supervisor David Norman stressed that the ukuleles, in addition to being extremely accessible for the students, also will serve as engaging and effective music theory teaching tools. BMA President Alan Goldberg noted how wonderful it is to see funds contributed by the BMA's many donors used to put instruments in the hands of Bethlehem students. While BMA instrument grants often fund the purchase of smaller numbers of more expensive instruments for the District's band and orchestra programs, this year's grant will benefit every music class student in the Middle School. We are truly excited to see the addition of these instruments to the music program, and look forward to seeing them in future performances (an all-uke marching ensemble? a uke octet at the High School Spectrum Concert?)!


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