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The Wonderful 2016 Band Festival!

This past week, BCHS hosted the BMA-sponsored, District-wide, 2016 Band Festival -- a pair of awe-inspiring group performances by the combined bands from the elementary, Middle and High schools. After preparing over the past weeks with the wonderful Bethlehem music staff, these groups were brought together by Guest Conductor, Anthony Maiello, whose warmth, animation and enthusiasm for both the students and the material was immediately apparent to everyone in attendance. The rotating annual band, orchestra and choral festivals are only possible because of your BMA contributions, so thank you for giving (if you have) and/or please consider giving (if you haven't yet - a link to the contribution form is at the top right of this web page)! A few shots from the final rehearsal and performances are posted on the Bethehem Music Assoication Facebook page here: Don't forget to LIKE us while you are there!

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