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A message to BC families from the Bethlehem Music Association…

Dear Friends,

Here we are, once again at the beginning of a school year full of promise! (This is where my children would say, “Mom. Stop.”) I can’t help myself really; the fall always feels to me like a clean slate, a time to create goals and aim for something new.

This year, one of those goals is to get our Bethlehem Music Association (BMA) budget back up to its pre-COVID level. This is not a goal I can reach on my own.

The BMA cannot reach this goal without the support of each and every one of you, the families of our fabulous district.

The BMA, which is made up of me and you and all the families who participate in our music programs does its part by purchasing instruments (from ukes to tubas), funding Suburban Council, county and state and national festival participation, and underwriting the annual districtwide music festival, in which every single music ensemble member in the district participates.

It is in this context that I ask you to consider supporting this year’s BMA by contributing. This year, in addition to the festival support, BMA would like to support the purchase of a new piano for Elsmere before year-end, just as we did at Hamagrael and Slingerlands last year. In order to accomplish this, we need to raise $12,500.

Under the direction of Mr. Dave Norman, our district music supervisor, BCSD hires and supports the very best classroom and ensemble teachers in the area.

Whether we’re talking about the joy pouring out from elementary music instructors, the energetic care from our choral directors, or the best-in-class sounds we are lucky enough to hear from our instrumental ensembles, our students receive music education that is second to none, from K to 12.

Whether your family is able to give $5.00 or $500.00 in support of this fabulous musical program, every single gift gets us closer to our goal, and every single student in our district will reap the benefit of your support.

Two ways to donate to the Bethlehem Music Association:

Thank you for giving the gift of music to the students of BCSD. I look forward to seeing you in the auditoriums as we revel in the beauty of our children’s music-making. There’s just nothing like that sound.

Best wishes for a healthy and successful school year,

Jean Leonard Bethlehem Music Association Board President

BCSD Fall concert schedule

  • Monday, Nov. 7, 7p at BCHS Auditorium: HS Wind Ensemble, Choraliers and Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

  • Wednesday, Nov. 9, 7p at BCHS Auditorium: HS Symphonic & Concert Band, Choristers and Symphony Orchestra Concert

  • Thursday, Dec. 8, 7p at BCMS Auditorium: MS Grade 6 Concert

  • Tuesday, Dec. 13, 7p at BCMS Auditorium: MS Grade 7 Concert

  • Wednesday, Dec. 14, 7p at BCMS Auditorium: MS Grade 8 Concert

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