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BMA’s Music Teacher of the Month is Sarah Baker.

BMA: How long have you been playing brass instruments?

Sarah Baker: I started playing tuba in 8th grade. I played euphonium for 4 years before that, and played violin from ages 5 to 9.

BMA: Music teachers in Bethlehem have a busy schedule. Tell us what classes or events you’re looking forward to this year and next.

Sarah Baker: I'm most looking forward to the day to day lessons and rehearsals, honestly. I'm most excited to have all our musicians in one space again, creating, exploring, and making music together as one unit. Our first concert, with the whole band on stage, with a live audience to cheer us on will be a very special moment for the whole community I think.

BMA: Who are your favorite musicians or composers? Can you recommend an album or concert video we should listen to?

Sarah Baker: When we were all confined to our houses and mainly indoor spaces for the winter, I turned to composers and music that were inspired by nature and the elements. Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic performing Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland has always been a performance very close to my heart. Richard Wagner also has a magical way of making music that transports you to the very edges of the world itself. I recommend listening to his opera "The Flying Dutchman" if you have a spare couple of hours! Finally, if you're interested in listening to some great tuba playing, Sam Pilafian's Travelin' Light album is one I always end up returning to.


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