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Bethlehem Music Association’s Music Teacher of the Month is Julie Taylor.

BMA: How long have you been playing the clarinet?

Julie Taylor: My primary instrument is clarinet and I started when I was in 4th grade. However, I am also a woodwind doubler with 14 different woodwind instruments at home! I started alto saxophone in order to join jazz band in 10th grade. And flute, when I knew I was going into music education in 12th grade. I have been accruing the rest of my instruments as needed for musical pit orchestra woodwind books.

BMA: Music teachers in Bethlehem have a busy schedule. Tell us what classes or events you’re looking forward to this year and next.

Julie Taylor: It's just phenomenal to be playing together in school again! In January, we were able to have our first live concert with an audience in over two years. While the students did so much on their own at home, it's been so exciting to come back together and really work as an ensemble to create this wonderful music.

BMA: Who are your favorite musicians? Can you recommend an album or concert video we should listen to?

Julie Taylor: Anthony McGill and Jon Manasse are two of my favorite classical clarinetists. Both of their Mozart Clarinet Concerto recordings are so beautiful and musical. I also love listening to PTX, Vol. IV: Classics. Their acapella blend is phenomenal.

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