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BMA’s Music Teacher of the Month is David Beck.

BMA: How long have you been playing the cello?

David Beck: I started cello in third grade, so I think 45 years. I also took up tuba in middle school, so I've been playing that for 40 years.

BMA: Music teachers in Bethlehem have a busy schedule. Tell us what classes or events you’re looking forward to this year and next.

David Beck: I'm really looking forward to having full ensemble rehearsals again this year. There is an energy that takes over a room when you have lots of students working on the same goal. We all feed off of each other's energy in a give and take fashion. I miss that the most. Second, would be performing music for a live audience. There is that same energy and excitement that comes with a live performance. I'm also active with several organizations and I'm really hoping to get back to several live conferences within the next year or two. I just love all the possibilities that are presented to me as a teacher. It inspires me to keep learning and growing.

BMA: Who are your favorite musicians or composers? Can you recommend an album or concert video we should listen to?

David Beck: This is a tough question. I'm all over the place in what I listen to. Composer probably would be Beethoven or Sibelius. I listen to a lot of crossover music and that changes with the day. Right now I'm listening to Jacob Collier, The Hu from Mongolia, and Eastern European gypsy fiddle music. Like I said - I'm all over the place.


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